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Pastor Charles and Family

In June of 1962, Pastor Charles Phillips came to our area to lay the groundwork for our church. He was sponsored by the Minute-Men program of the CBA Fellowship.

The first prayer meeting was held in an old Methodist social hall in Turnersville. Our first service was held in a rented house on Orr Road (pictured). The pastor's family lived upstairs and the church used the downstairs.

House on Orr Road

"On September 30, 1962, sixteen charter members agreed upon the name First Baptist Church of Turnersville. In March of 1964, an acre of land was purchased on Stagecoach Road, and the parsonage was purchased soon after (pictured).

After the purchase of these properties, Pastor Phillips was called to begin a new work in Lakewood, NJ. In August of 1964, the Reverend Karl Kline took the position of pastor. During his tenure, the original church building was constructed and dedicated for use on March 6, 1966.

Pastor Kline left during the spring of 1966. Pastor Boyle and his wife began to serve in November 1966. During his tenure, the current church was constructed and dedicated in 1975.

Leary Family

Pastor Boyes retired in 1981. In 1982, Pastor Dale Cadmen served until his retirement in 1985. In 1986, Pastor James Leary took over as senior pastor and it was during his leadership that the church changed its name to Stagecoach Road Christian Fellowship.

After twenty years of service, Pastor Leary retired and gave way for Pastor Roger Nauss, who served for a year and a half. Upon his departure in 2008, the church reached out to Pastor Thomas Loman (pictured) to serve as interim while they searched for a full-time pastor. During that time Thomas felt God calling him to serve full time for the church so in 2009 he began his tenure as senior pastor.

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